Travis hides in solitude in his remote chalet on the border of the Fool’s Mountain National Park. Working from home, he routinely resists his brother’s attempts to lure him back to the city. Until one day, after a flood in the park, he finds an unconscious young man on the riverbank. Assuming he’s a hiker who got swept up by the river, Travis brings him to the chalet, intent on summoning help from there. Except Micah wasn’t hiking. He’s on the run, scared, and desperate. And he’s in heat. Maybe he can convince the kind, burly alpha who found him to help him. In every way.
Precious is an erotic love story, inspired by MM omegaverse romance.


Vanilla Clouds

Sex and chocolate are the two pleasures Michał enjoys most in life. His sex life has been nonexistent for some time, though. After a particularly bad hookup, he keeps mostly to himself. That leaves chocolate. Luckily, he works surrounded by the most delicious, extravagant produce in Gothenburg.

A customer turns up at the chocolaterie one day—tall, shy, and charming. He could be just the right man. If Michał can step out of his overly safe shell, there might be not only chocolate, but sex, too. Maybe chocolate-flavored sex. And if he’s lucky, maybe even love.


The Other Book

It was supposed to be just sex... Famous last words.
Tyler doesn't overthink pleasure and avoids complications. He knows it might be stupid to get involved with his closeted boss, but the temptation is too great. At first, the cold and beautiful Joel Sandstrom seems to loathe Tyler's guts.
Except one late night at the office, his reasons become clear...and his control breaks.
Every time they touch, Joel's stony face comes alive, harsh lines smooth out, and for a minute, he looks serene. Happy, even. Just sex - dirty, intense, spectacular sex.